The Future Of Digital Marketing in Singapore

A few years back, tech-based industry, accompanied with digital marketing were weak fields in Singapore. Today, the situation is completely different, thanks to government’s initiative to boost the importance of technology, related products and to make the entire city-state more advance. As you may imagine, this is great news which brings a lot of new possibilities. Here we are mostly interested in digital marketing.

As we already have mentioned, this kind of business was poorly developed a few years back. During the last year, data analysis sector in Singapore contributed by more than $1 billion! We also were able to see spreading of marketing agencies, now there are more than thousands of them and 2000 data analysts. If you are looking for a marketing agency in Singapore, success is guaranteed but the choice is difficult, due to competition.

Singapore and digital technology today

Due to significant improvements in the digital technology, we are able to see a huge leap in the digital industry, beginning with the sales and affecting all the elements to finance. As such, digital marketing is a huge potential to use right now. Most of the local companies are moving towards going digital. However, not all of them are quiet there. There are a lot of companies that are slowly reaching their full, digital potential. This is another advantage of digital marketing on the city-state.

Most giants use all marketing objectives known to man, but some are only using apps and websites, which isn’t so bad. A more important fact is the growing pool of internet users. This place is 99% internet covered and it is going to be even better in the close future. As the answer, a Singapore marketing agency must determine the best and the most effective methods to reach the growing number of internet users. Another fact that should be taken into consideration is digital spend ad. In Singapore, it is 15%, while in Australia is 43%. Sounds tempting, right?

Hiring influencers: Mandatory strategy to consider

Influencers in Singapore have a huge effect on the consumers! Some of the best lifestyle bloggers include Xiaxue, but there are influencers in any known branch. So, why hiring them is important?

In one side, Singapore is so advanced, tech-loving country, but on the other side, they are still closely related to their tradition and they prefer consumer-to-consumer ‘’advising’’ rather than direct marketing. Using influencers is simply the best way to achieve success and your marketing objective goals.

In the close future, influencers are going to have an even more important influence. Most experts already claim that future marketing won’t be possible without this addition. We agree and we advise you to use influencers today, but also in the future. All major companies and brands already use them.

Past, present, and future of e-commerce

In 2015, people in Singapore spent more than $3.5 billion online. This is actually an increase of 25% compared to 2014. Still, the situation here is complicated, when it comes to e-commerce. Despite the fact Malaysia and Singapore make 50% of online purchases in Southeast Asia, online shopping isn’t quite developed in Singapore. There are a lot of shopping centers where people prefer spending their money, rather than spending on the internet.

E-commerce websites were primitive as well. Even Amazon doesn’t have the local store here. Yes, they offer free shipping to Singapore, but only for some deals and usually some items that are not so needed.

Don’t lose hope, not just yet. In the last couple of years, we noticed that certain websites fill the gap when it comes to internet shopping. Some of the best ones are Lazada, Reebonz and Redmart. Lazada is responsible for electronics, Redmart for food and Reebonz is a luxury-item website.

Now, large Western companies are opening their own websites in Singapore. Some of the first to do so are Adidas, Kevin Klein and etc. In the following years, this trend will continue.

Because we know that e-commerce is going to be more and more present here, digital marketing in this field is beneficial. Not only it has a huge potential, but the possible success will be increased even more! Several surveys were conducted and all of them determined the same thing. The e-commerce will become one of the biggest industries in this century.

Digital marketing and future: What must be known?

Internet users, government supporting technology advance, more and more of new brands and the potential for a bright future are all you have to know about marketing in Singapore. It is the place which will soon become equally important as much larger marketing areas. The city-state and the government did all what in their power to create sustainable surroundings for digital marketing, and now it is the right time for the marketing agencies to go digital and start creating a new era. This is actually easier than you may believe. All millennium’s generations use smartphones daily, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and etc. allowing to the digital marketing to reach its full potential.

Marketing here is based on a proper research, SEO (search engine optimization), direct email marketing and social network marketing. Content is widely used and extremely useful. A great fact is that it will stay on the web forever, while ads and banners won’t, sadly. Brands from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and Western countries, in general, are already creating their path here. It is also a sign that they know something new and ‘’profitable’’.

Maybe, for now, Singapore isn’t the most appealing place for digital marketing, but in the future, it will become precisely that. We also believe that it will become the strongest and the most developed market in Southeast Asia and chances are high that this trend reaches even larger scale. Marketing agencies here are already advancing and using the latest tricks, objectives, and strategies to ensure marketing success, so they are absolute winners when it comes to any form of marketing, especially digital.