Dynamics of the Singapore Digital Marketing Scene

A highly advanced, trade-oriented market is what Singapore is made of. We can all agree that such is a perfect scenario for digital marketers to thrive in. The prosperous economy aside, there are many reasons for Singapore being the preferred venue for digital marketers. One of the primary reasons of the city being the perfect region is its advantageousness of setting their foothold in this field. Including this factor, the secondary yet essential aspect related to digital marketing in Singapore is its steady and constant growth into a successful financial hub with plenty of opportunities for just about anyone.

This growth is not just limited to Singapore’s demography, but is also widespread in both social and mobile platforms.

Why is there such rapid growth of digital marketing in the country?

  • Singapore has the maximum percentage of public who use the Internet in the world. 8 out of 10 are present online at any given point of time.
  • Singapore has one of the strongest internet connections across the globe (4G). 99% of the nation enjoys LTE exposure with maximum speed. 4G works at home, inside underground trains and in tunnels.
  • 90% of the population is registered on Google and the rest on Yahoo. Data shows high figures of users of Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other digital apps compare to other parts of the world.
  • The country’s love for offline shopping and presence of a number of shopping markets is the reason behind slow growth of online shopping. However with online marketing in Singapore, various local stores such as Zalora, Lazada, and Redmart have become popular.

A few basic facts about the country that positively affects digital marketing

The country has extremely low unemployment which can consists of just 2% of the population. The top most income for individuals are more than $100,000. The language commonly spoken is English, while the population is of around 5.26 million, where almost half of them being emigrants or settlers. It enjoys the perfect knowledge of the western culture with strong buying power. Services businesses account for a huge substantial source of revenue in the country.

The business friendly environment that the government has built up over the years basically provides a perfect platform for any company with the potential to grow and emerge itself in the market.

Why it is easier for any marketing agency to establish itself in Singapore?

In Southeast Asia, Singapore is the perfect choice for marketers. A digital marketing agency in Singapore, knows that it is concentrating its effort in the right direction. The regions fast economic growth provides brands and companies increase sales through the agencies. Unlike rest of the south east Asian countries where the markets are comparatively smaller and diverse, companies find it difficult to spread. But they find themselves more welcoming in Singapore.

The future is definitely bright for digital marketing in the island city

Singapore’s venture in digital technology has brought growth in the country. The companies and organizations should make sure that their employees are well-appointed with the digital knowledge to work in lieu with rest of the world. Online marketing companies should be with par at regions such as search marketing, consultancy, research, creative digital and video marketing. Content marketing may look as an old school thing but if asked by any digital marketing company in Singapore, they will still tell its worth.