The Future Of Digital Marketing in Singapore

A few years back, tech-based industry, accompanied with digital marketing were weak fields in Singapore. Today, the situation is completely different, thanks to government’s initiative to boost the importance of technology, related products and to make the entire city-state more advance. As you may imagine, this is great news which brings a lot of new possibilities. Here we are mostly interested in digital marketing.

As we already have mentioned, this kind of business was poorly developed a few years back. During the last year, data analysis sector in Singapore contributed by more than $1 billion! We also were able to see spreading of marketing agencies, now there are more than thousands of them and 2000 data analysts. If you are looking for a marketing agency in Singapore, success is guaranteed but the choice is difficult, due to competition.

Singapore and digital technology today

Due to significant improvements in the digital technology, we are able to see a huge leap in the digital industry, beginning with the sales and affecting all the elements to finance. As such, digital marketing is a huge potential to use right now. Most of the local companies are moving towards going digital. However, not all of them are quiet there. There are a lot of companies that are slowly reaching their full, digital potential. This is another advantage of digital marketing on the city-state.

Most giants use all marketing objectives known to man, but some are only using apps and websites, which isn’t so bad. A more important fact is the growing pool of internet users. This place is 99% internet covered and it is going to be even better in the close future. As the answer, a Singapore marketing agency must determine the best and the most effective methods to reach the growing number of internet users. Another fact that should be taken into consideration is digital spend ad. In Singapore, it is 15%, while in Australia is 43%. Sounds tempting, right?

Hiring influencers: Mandatory strategy to consider

Influencers in Singapore have a huge effect on the consumers! Some of the best lifestyle bloggers include Xiaxue, but there are influencers in any known branch. So, why hiring them is important?

In one side, Singapore is so advanced, tech-loving country, but on the other side, they are still closely related to their tradition and they prefer consumer-to-consumer ‘’advising’’ rather than direct marketing. Using influencers is simply the best way to achieve success and your marketing objective goals.

In the close future, influencers are going to have an even more important influence. Most experts already claim that future marketing won’t be possible without this addition. We agree and we advise you to use influencers today, but also in the future. All major companies and brands already use them.

Past, present, and future of e-commerce

In 2015, people in Singapore spent more than $3.5 billion online. This is actually an increase of 25% compared to 2014. Still, the situation here is complicated, when it comes to e-commerce. Despite the fact Malaysia and Singapore make 50% of online purchases in Southeast Asia, online shopping isn’t quite developed in Singapore. There are a lot of shopping centers where people prefer spending their money, rather than spending on the internet.

E-commerce websites were primitive as well. Even Amazon doesn’t have the local store here. Yes, they offer free shipping to Singapore, but only for some deals and usually some items that are not so needed.

Don’t lose hope, not just yet. In the last couple of years, we noticed that certain websites fill the gap when it comes to internet shopping. Some of the best ones are Lazada, Reebonz and Redmart. Lazada is responsible for electronics, Redmart for food and Reebonz is a luxury-item website.

Now, large Western companies are opening their own websites in Singapore. Some of the first to do so are Adidas, Kevin Klein and etc. In the following years, this trend will continue.

Because we know that e-commerce is going to be more and more present here, digital marketing in this field is beneficial. Not only it has a huge potential, but the possible success will be increased even more! Several surveys were conducted and all of them determined the same thing. The e-commerce will become one of the biggest industries in this century.

Digital marketing and future: What must be known?

Internet users, government supporting technology advance, more and more of new brands and the potential for a bright future are all you have to know about marketing in Singapore. It is the place which will soon become equally important as much larger marketing areas. The city-state and the government did all what in their power to create sustainable surroundings for digital marketing, and now it is the right time for the marketing agencies to go digital and start creating a new era. This is actually easier than you may believe. All millennium’s generations use smartphones daily, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and etc. allowing to the digital marketing to reach its full potential.

Marketing here is based on a proper research, SEO (search engine optimization), direct email marketing and social network marketing. Content is widely used and extremely useful. A great fact is that it will stay on the web forever, while ads and banners won’t, sadly. Brands from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and Western countries, in general, are already creating their path here. It is also a sign that they know something new and ‘’profitable’’.

Maybe, for now, Singapore isn’t the most appealing place for digital marketing, but in the future, it will become precisely that. We also believe that it will become the strongest and the most developed market in Southeast Asia and chances are high that this trend reaches even larger scale. Marketing agencies here are already advancing and using the latest tricks, objectives, and strategies to ensure marketing success, so they are absolute winners when it comes to any form of marketing, especially digital.

What is Marketing Like in the Digital Era?

Marketing in the digital era relies heavily on a variety of techniques designed to effectively, intuitively and quantifiably reach out to a target audience through digital mediums. This is possible through proper research, understanding and competitor analysis for a particular business. Due to the learning curve involved, most companies resort to engaging specialized marketing agencies to execute such marketing in a most effective manner possible.

The practice of digital marketing is executed in a variety of ways. Here are some of the more commonly used methods:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The concept of digital marketing has really grown all over the world. It is the best way of doing the marketing of product or services in the fastest manner and that too with a great impact on the mind of people. Digital marketing concept has seen is growing all over the world, but digital marketing in Singapore become popular worldwide. Anyone who is in Singapore and looking for the services for digital marketing, i would add as an advantage.

How effective really is a digital marketing agency in Singapore?

Well of course it depends on the agency you are working with. Here are some facts though:

  • The online marketing agency in Singapore is equipped with lots of Internet penetration. It means it has a reach of approx 4.4 million people.
  • Another best thing about online marketing in Singapore is that maximum people are making usage of Internet in the Singapore falls under the age group of 25-34 years old.
  • When people in Singapore have more devices, platform form for marketing also increases to a great extent. As per studies, it has been shown that per hold minimum 3 devices that has internet access and the among the most common is Mobile phones.
  • More use of internet in mobile phones leads to more access of the Social media platforms that offers great opportunities to a person who is making use of the digital marketing via social platforms by making of app advertisement.
  • Many of the people prefer to make use of the shopping via internet. The concept of online shopping is very much popular and common among the people of Singapore. If your online digital advertising in Singapore is related to shopping portal, it will worth to advertise on that platform.
  • Almost 96% of people in Singapore are having the social accounts, that is why the digital marketing agency in the Singapore makes the best use of the social accounts for the promotion of products or services in the most effective manner.
  • Studies also shown 42 % of use of the internet to get to know about the specifications of the product that they prefer to buy online or offline so digital marketing agency in Singapore also keep that thing in mind at the time of preparing the marketing strategies.

Main services that are offered by agencies:

  • Website designing and development
  • Web analytics
  • Online Marketing
  • SMO Services

How to get the right agency involved:

  • By doing the proper research on their existing portfolio.
  • Pay attention to the number of projects that agency has undertaken.
  • Judging the competency of the agency through their specialization and team strength.

With the wide range of choices out there, business owners are always faced with a huge dilemma when picking an agency. Hence, it is essential for them to keep all the above pointers in mind to effectively identify the right and the most appropriate digital marketing agency in Singapore for their business.

Dynamics of the Singapore Digital Marketing Scene

A highly advanced, trade-oriented market is what Singapore is made of. We can all agree that such is a perfect scenario for digital marketers to thrive in. The prosperous economy aside, there are many reasons for Singapore being the preferred venue for digital marketers. One of the primary reasons of the city being the perfect region is its advantageousness of setting their foothold in this field. Including this factor, the secondary yet essential aspect related to digital marketing in Singapore is its steady and constant growth into a successful financial hub with plenty of opportunities for just about anyone.

This growth is not just limited to Singapore’s demography, but is also widespread in both social and mobile platforms.

Why is there such rapid growth of digital marketing in the country?

  • Singapore has the maximum percentage of public who use the Internet in the world. 8 out of 10 are present online at any given point of time.
  • Singapore has one of the strongest internet connections across the globe (4G). 99% of the nation enjoys LTE exposure with maximum speed. 4G works at home, inside underground trains and in tunnels.
  • 90% of the population is registered on Google and the rest on Yahoo. Data shows high figures of users of Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other digital apps compare to other parts of the world.
  • The country’s love for offline shopping and presence of a number of shopping markets is the reason behind slow growth of online shopping. However with online marketing in Singapore, various local stores such as Zalora, Lazada, and Redmart have become popular.

A few basic facts about the country that positively affects digital marketing

The country has extremely low unemployment which can consists of just 2% of the population. The top most income for individuals are more than $100,000. The language commonly spoken is English, while the population is of around 5.26 million, where almost half of them being emigrants or settlers. It enjoys the perfect knowledge of the western culture with strong buying power. Services businesses account for a huge substantial source of revenue in the country.

The business friendly environment that the government has built up over the years basically provides a perfect platform for any company with the potential to grow and emerge itself in the market.

Why it is easier for any marketing agency to establish itself in Singapore?

In Southeast Asia, Singapore is the perfect choice for marketers. A digital marketing agency in Singapore, knows that it is concentrating its effort in the right direction. The regions fast economic growth provides brands and companies increase sales through the agencies. Unlike rest of the south east Asian countries where the markets are comparatively smaller and diverse, companies find it difficult to spread. But they find themselves more welcoming in Singapore.

The future is definitely bright for digital marketing in the island city

Singapore’s venture in digital technology has brought growth in the country. The companies and organizations should make sure that their employees are well-appointed with the digital knowledge to work in lieu with rest of the world. Online marketing companies should be with par at regions such as search marketing, consultancy, research, creative digital and video marketing. Content marketing may look as an old school thing but if asked by any digital marketing company in Singapore, they will still tell its worth.

The Pressing Need to Invest in Digital Marketing At This Very Moment

A good marketing agency in Singapore can greatly increase the profit of a company and strategize their future growth. With an ever booming Singapore business economy, the need for a highly competent marketing team is more necessary than ever.

The marketing world is highly competitive, with intense competition from one rival to another. The motive is simple yet elaborate, to build a bigger, badder and more lucrative business. Without the right expertise, a company with a strong foundation is poised to fail.

Having said this, many business heads hire marketing agencies, which have a better insight into the way of marketing. The need for an all-expert team of market analyst and strategist is mostly questioned by small business brands and entrepreneurs. The question is not illogical. Valid points of investment made on a marketing agency is a definite business growth booster in Singapore’s expanding economy.

Why invest in a Singapore marketing agency?

Anyone who knows the market industry of Singapore inside out is always a valuable assistance. Here are the reasons as to why the experts of such enterprises are needed.

Complete awareness of the current market

What services are “in,” and what are “out.” What are the things or products that people are looking for?

Any agency has their team of experts who are researching the current market and analyzing the choices made by their consumers. This is further used by a marketing team to predict future and make better choices.

Always up to date with the latest marketing trends

A marketing team looks at various marketing trends those are circulating the market and are winning over customers. These marketing techniques will help in the flourishing of a local firm in Singapore.

Advertising becomes easier than ever

Product and services are better sold by the effective advertising of online marketing in Singapore too. Marketing strategies are spread all over the internet which allows consumers to check out all advertised services or goods with just a click of a finger.

With associative business strategies, earning money via a pay-per-click option also adds up to the brand’s revenues.

Lesser burden on the company

Beauty of investing on a marketing agency is that it puts less pressure on the business company. A company does not need to hire new teams, for marketing and research.

Thus, putting less pressure on salary economy, the company is left with free opportunity to invest in a better marketing agency. Growth is definite and exponential with a trained agency help.

No training required for employees

Employees of the marketing agency are dedicated and well-trained. They are experts in their field. The management of Singapore marketing agencies maintains their employees and trains them to gain knowledge.

So, it puts no pressure on firms hiring a marketing agency to train their employees with marketing techniques.


Flourishing of a business depends on the right way of marketing. As Singapore industry is flourishing with great services and products, the rest of the world could be informed of them by right marketing strategies. And with digital marketing in Singapore industry flourishing, a lot of consumer targets could be met.